Sunday, August 1, 2010

Letter to Apple Developer's Documents: More How less What


Your document design guidelines are really nice.  They tell me exactly what my application should look like.  Wonderful!  So, one simple question, then, if that's alright with you: how do I get it to do that!?

Can't you provide some sample code, some screen captures from XCode, whatever.  How do I set the Launch Image for my application.  Yes, I know what a Launch Image is.  It sound's really cool.  I want one; I'm convinced!  So how do I add one to my application??.

For that matter, how do I add the little "i" info button to my application?  Everyone is using this but I don't know how they're doing it!  You'd think if this was part of the uniform interface standard you could again at least provide some sample code?  Please??

Why must this be so difficult — I haven't even started delving into the Core Audio API!

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